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IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner — IPFSK

Co-built Value, Sharing Honor

IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner -- IPFSK

Authored by IPFS-Force

IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner -- IPFSK

IPFSK is operated by Zekrom Ltd. and provides the best Filecoin mining services based on advanced mining infrastructure.

The team has been deeply involving in Blockchain services for over 3 years and is an early participant and evangelist in the Korean cryptocurrency industry. Now IPFSK intends to join Filecoin domain, with those experieces in blockchain which will make IPFSK a grate participant in Filecoin.


IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner -- IPFSK

Today, we officially announce that IPFS-Force and IPFSK will launch a series of strategic cooperation in the future. With the technical support from IPFS-Force, IPFSK will become a leading, sustainable and efficient mining service provider of IPFS-Force’s official partner in Korea.


In the future, IPFS-Force will cooperate with IPFSK by providing more technical support to build a better Filecoin ecology, which will lead a leap-forward progress for the implementation and development of IPFS and Filecoin in Korea.


With all of these cooperations between IPFS-Force and IPFSK, we believe Filecoin will flourish faster in the Asian-Pacific region, as well as leading the next-generation Internet.


IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner -- IPFSK

IPFS-Force’s Strategic Partner -- IPFSK









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